InstanTENSE® The ideal choice to appear younger without surgery

InstanTENSE® is a cosmetic product developed during years of research that cancels the signs of ageing and highlights your natural beauty with no need for plastic surgery or injections. Due to its exclusive formulation, free of lipophilic ingredients which might impair the absorption and bioavailability of its three active and superactive ingredients, InstanTENSE® penetrates immediately in the superficial corneal layer of the skin, rendering it smooth and tight by virtue of the immediate-tension effect (*), which persists for 6 to 10 hours (**).

Thanks to the hydrating and re-energizing power of active peptides and the draining action of Pftaffia and White Lily extracts that reduce swelling, InstanTENSE® allows to obtain, not only an immediate lifting effect, but also a long-lasting rejuvenating effect that effectively fights the signs of ageing of the eye area and of the face in general. Furthermore, to grant a better cutaneous tolerability, InstanTENSE® is paraben free.

* The results are visible after 3-5 minutes and vary based on personal use and skin type
** The duration of effects varies based on personal use and skin type

InstanTENSE® Wow effect!
A real result after only 3 minutes.

Wrinkles and bags under eyes won’t be a problem anymore with InstanTENSE®

InstanTENSE® is very effective, thanks to the presence of myorelaxant and anti-wrinkle molecules in its formulation. Once applied, the lotion has a relaxing effect that renders a new tonic and smooth appearance to areas of the face that had lost elasticity.

InstanTENSE® is a non-irritating, well tolerated cosmetic product, as demonstrated by clinical tests conducted in collaboration with the best research institutes.


It drastically reduces face lines and bags under eyes, for an incredible “WOW effect!” It makes the skin tight, firm and relaxed, giving it a uniform structure. It minimizes the visibility of the pores, for an impeccable appearance. It betters the appearance of small wrinkles of expression in the middle and long term.


Instructions for use

InstanTENSE® can be used every day, once a week, or even just for a specific event or a special occasion.

To obtain sensational results in the eye area, apply a small amount of product, as big as 1 or 2 grains of rice, on a fingertip and gently tap on the skin (without smearing it) until entirely absorbed. Wait for a few minutes without making facial expressions. A light ventilation can further accelerate the attaining of the desired results.

InstanTENSE® can be used to smooth wrinkles in other areas as well, such as the forehead or the mouth area. Once the desired effect has been attained, it is possible to apply make-up as usual, avoiding oil-based products, which could lessen the tension effect.


Apply only on intact skin. Avoid contact with the eyes; in case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly. InstanTENSE® is composed of high quality ingredients, and is studied to be well tolerated by the skin; in any case, interrupt the use of InstanTENSE® if you observe redness or irritation. Talk with your doctor if any allergic reaction develops. Store in a cool and dry place, and keep out of reach of children.


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