Whitenan® is the best choice for skin lightening of intimate areas

Whitenan® is a cosmetic product based on Butylresorcinol and Ascorbic Acid, specifically formulated and created for the treatment of vulva and perianal areas.

Its active ingredients were chosen for their top dermocompatibility and efficacy in reducing skin and mucosal pigmentation.

Hydrating molecules present in the formulation such as Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose, and emollients such as Almond Oil and Shea Butter, help maintain the physiological skin balance and moist.

Whitenan like a cotton


Hyperpigmentary disorders are no longer a problem with Whitenan®

We selected 4-n-Butylresorcinol for its unique qualities combined with safety and biodegradability.
4-n-Butylresorcinol acts as a skin lightener thanks to its strong inhibition of tyrosinase and peroxidase/H2O2, moreover it has a strong protective effect against H2O2-induced DNA damage.

Efficacy Test

Efficacy studies performed in certified laboratories under dermatological control, have shown a significant decrease in melanin production in treated areas, with consequent visible whitening effect.


Melanocytes appear dark due to the presence in them of numerous melanosomes containing melanin pigment.


Melanocytes appear clear for strong reduction of production of melanin.

Efficacy Proven In Vivo

We tested Whitenan® on volunteers of 4 different ethnicities, both males and females , in collaboration with the renowned department of dermatology of the University of Pavia. Tests confirmed the strong whitening effects on treated areas and a high appreciation and tolerability of our cream.

Product Line

Bleaching cream

Intimate wash


Intimate Wash

Whitenan® Intimate Wash is the new detergent that turns a simple daily gesture into a whitening action for the vulvo-perianal area. Its active principle 4-BRN reduces melanin production by inhibiting the thyrosinase enzyme, which is also present in Whitenan® Bleaching Cream for Private Parts. The combination of these 2 products helps to achieve and maintain extraordinary results. Their efficacy has been demonstrated on melanocyte cultures and also in clinical studies in collaboration with one of the most renowned Italian Universities in the field of Dermatology.

LAUMAR has formulated Whitenan® Intimate Wash using delicate and dermocompatible surfactants. Its physiological pH and the moisturizing and protective barrier action of glycerin make it an ideal product for your daily hygiene. The presence of Vitamin PP supports the action of the active ingredient by means of its lightening power, for even more effective whitening action.


Whitenan® Plus is the intimate bleaching cream specifically formulated for professional use in specialized medical centers and aesthetic clinics. It has all the features that allowed Whitenan® Bleaching Cream for Private Parts to demonstrate its effectiveness both on melanocyte cultures and volunteers and, thanks to a higher concentration of the 4-BRN active ingredient and the special 5ml monodose dispenser, it guarantees an even more intense whitening action.


LAUMAR is an Italian based company active in the study, formulation and manufacture of high-quality cosmetics which relies on decades of experience of its members and partners.

The care and passion that are profuse in all phases of the life cycle of its products are aimed to achieve satisfaction by end users. Particular attention is paid to the selection of active ingredients and testing in order to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety; to this end LAUMAR cooperates with the best specialists of the most renowned companies and universities active in the cosmetics and dermatological fields.